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Magnetic Force Nail Polish

Another way to have fun with magnets: magnetic nail polish! Simply paint your nails with this magnetic paint, then using the special magnet, you can create cool swirly patterns. Watch the video!


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If you’ve ever played with a Wooly Willy, you know that iron filings plus a magnet equals a magnificent mustache. Since it’s generally frowned upon for ladies to have magnificent mustaches, we’ve found another way to have fun with magnets: magnetic nail polish!

Tiny iron filings in the nail polish move when exposed to the magnet hidden in the cap of the nail polish jar. No, they won’t stand on end and give you fingernail stubble! The magnet shifts the iron filings around to create a stunning ripple effect. Experiment with the alignment of the magnet over each nail to see what fun designs you can make.

To apply:

1. Wash & dry your hands, apply base coat of your choice
2. Apply thin coat of Magnetic Nail Polish, let dry completely
3. Paint one nail with a liberal coat of Magnetic Nail Polish
4. Hover the magnet cap slightly over the nail for 5-10 seconds, using the raised piece on the cap as a guide on your finger
5. Repeat for remaining nails, let dry completely
6. Use a top coat to make it even more shiny!

Comes in a range of 4 colors:

  • HipNotic: Bold burgundy with a slight shimmer.
  • Steel of the Night: Medium gray with silver shimmer.
  • Magnetic Force: Deep purple with a hint of silver shimmer.
  • ElectroMidnight: Vibrant blue with a silver shimmer.


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